Foreign investment management

  • We support the following types of investments:

    • Greenfield: incorporation of companies by or together with foreign investors (investments starting from zero)

    • Mergers and acquisitions: partial or full takeovers of enterprises by foreign investors from residents

    • Corporate development: increasing the capital of foreign investors in enterprises

    With over 10 years’ experience in business development, our company can provide a complete package of services concerning the making and running of investments.

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Urban planning

• Consultancy in choosing potential locations (identifying the space/land of development of the business)

• Specific technical documentations

• Area or detailed urban plans

• Obtaining approvals

• Technical Documentations for the Building Permit

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  • Company incorporation and complete support

    Providing a complete and complex support. Legal due diligence.

    We provide investors with a detailed business research report from the following points of view:

    • Legal

    • Financial

    • Commercial and operational, for the purpose of assessing the actual situation of the business and the benefits and risks related to the future investment

    • Consultancy for accessing the most advantageous bank credits.

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Operational process

• Identifying the potential business partners

• Identifying the potential suppliers, who would provide the logistics and distribution

• Providing support, both for internal and external management

• Providing legal and financial support

• Assessment of investment costs and their optimization

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  • Production process

    • The control and organization of supply. Management of suppliers and customers respectively the implementation of an efficient plan of supply of materials and product delivery

    • Continuous improvement and optimization of the supply chain

    • Stock management and inventory

    • Optimizing the production processes: coordinating and planning the production

    • Recruitment and training of production staff

    • Audit of suppliers

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